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Who says there is no color in winter, and who needs an evergreen when you have this American Native. 'Winter Red' is a shade tolerant female native holly. It produces loads of bright-red berries on a large plant that grows 6 to 9-feet tall and wide. It does need a husband however or better several girls are happy with one ' Southern Gentleman'. 


She is certainly the Queen of fruit bearing shrub-plants when ranked for ornamental value. From early fall through winter, the branches are covered in bright-red fruit-plants. The fruit bearing branches are great for decoration in the garden or in the house. 


These plants have multi branches, so clipping a few doesn't take away from the appearance of your mature plants. Or leave the branches for the birds since over 40 species of birds are known to eat the fruit-plants, including: bluebirds, brown thrashers, cedar waxwings, flickers, gray catbirds, mockingbirds and robins. The dense branching also provides shelter, cover and nesting spots for birds. 


Zone 3-9

Winter Red Winterberry (Ilex verticillata)

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  • 3 Gallon, 40-48" with container

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