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We purchased our first rabbiteye blueberries about 20 years ago from the already existing nursery 'Digger O'Dell'. The one gallon plants where mostly 'Tifblue' or also known as 'Tiftblue'.


As pollinator we chose 'Woddard'. Yes, they do need a pollinator, so if not from us please purchase at least one more other rabbiteye for five of your favorite blueberry. Since than these beautiful plants have grown into gentle giants, 8-10 ft tall, weeping over the waters of our pond and of course that is where the most and biggest fruit appear.


So every July I get on my swim trunks and go picking blueberries into a tub floating in water, picture that. Premier is a rabbiteye variety released from North Carolina this variety is an early season rabbiteye variety, that produces fruit of excellent color, size and flavour. The bushes are vigorous and productive, and have been suited to mechanical harvesting.


Zone 7-9.

Tifblue Blueberry (Vaccinium ashei 'Tifblue')

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