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'Soft Caress' is unlike any other Mahonia you may have grown. First, it"s a dwarf, compact enough for containers but large enough for the foundation or border. Second, its foliage is long and slender, very finely cut and soft to the touch.

Altogether a completely new look for a familiar favorite, this beautiful shrub deserves a place of honor in your lightly shaded landscape! The olive-green foliage of this shrub is elongated and widely-spaced, a threadleaf effect that works quite well against both flowering-plants and berries. It gives 'Soft Caress' a more Oriental look, making it a nice choice for Asian-themed gardens. And it is soft to the touch, unlike the stiff, poky Holly-like foliage of other varieties. Lovely! From mid-fall through mid-winter, the foliage is topped by citron-yellow blooms held upright in clusters of "candles." Lightly fragrant and very long-lasting, they give 'Soft Caress' an entirely new look.

They are followed by large clusters of silver-sheened blue berries, also quite long-lasting on the plant. "Soft Caress" reaches about 4 feet high and wide, thriving in morning sun or dappled shade. It is an excellent choice for the foundation (being evergreen), as well as for the border or even large containers. Plant it with a group of Hellebores at its feet, or alongside a Lagerstroemia for a lovely contrast of its fine texture with the peeling bark of the Crapemyrtle. The stems are slender on "Soft Caress," and may remind yu of bamboo, again suggesting the Asian theme. A treasure for gardens in mild and warm climates, this new Mahonia is certain to delight.

Zones 7-9.

Soft Caress Mahonia

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  • 3 Year plants (12-18"), 3 Gallon
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