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We have grown these plants for over 15 years now. A beautiful background plant for our nursery. I also makes for a great single plant if you are looking for a lush evergreen in you garden. The leaves are leathery, smooth and shiny, 2-5 inch long and an inch or two wide.


When crushed, they emit a characteristic anise-like odor. We like to call them the rhododendrons for the humid south. Unlike the related, Florida Anise (Illicium floridanum) this plant has no significant flowers and their habit is a bit more open than Florida Anise. They are not fussy about soil conditions but like a little moisture during dry spells. If left alone for a long time they may sucker into colonies.


Zone 7-10.

Ocala Anise (Illicium parviflorum)

SKU: 586
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  • 3 Year plants (36-48"), 3 Gallon

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