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Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) Mondo grass is an evergreen, sod-forming perennial. Plants are tufted, grasslike and 8 to 16 inches high. 

The ½-inch leaves are dark green and fine to medium in texture. They are erect to arching, smooth and grasslike. The flowering-plants are usually white or white tinged with lilac. 


Flowering and fruiting occurs from July through September. Mondo grass is quite often confused with liriope ( Liriope muscari ). However, the leaves of mondo grass are more narrow than those of liriope, the smaller flowering-plants are hidden by the leaves, the fruit-plants are blue compared to the black fruit-plants of liriope and mondo grass is less cold hardy. 


The plants can be pulled into 4-6 divisions (see pictures). THIS IS NOT THE DWARF VARIETY 'NANA'!


Zone 7-10.

Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) Flats of eighteen 3.5 inch pots

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  • Flats of eighteen 3.5 inch pots.

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