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One would think with a name like 'Confederate Jasmine', this is actually a Southern native. But this much loved southern vine is actually a Chinese import and has been popular in Europe and the US alike. Northern gardeners where looking with envy at this beautiful fragrant and evergreen vine. Now, however, gardeners in the northern states can enjoy this gorgeous plant, too, thanks to Madison (Trachelospermum jasminoides 'Madison').


This cold-hardy cultivar was the 2007 Georgia Gold Medal winner for ornamental vines. Madison is hardy throughout the U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 7. It may survive even in some zone 6 pockets. Madison Confederate jasmine is a fast-growing, twining, evergreen vine reaching 20 to 40 feet at maturity.


It needs help climbing, because it lacks the clinging aerial roots of some other vines. In time, it can cover a lattice screen, canopy or arbor with dense foliage and blooms. Like clockwork each year (late April here near Memphis, TN), creamy-white, phlox-like flowers emerge and overshadow the foliage. The five-pointed, star-shaped flowers are borne on short stalks and in clusters at the leaf axils of the previous season's growth.


Zones 7-11.

Madison Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

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