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Most of this moss is Thuidium delicatulum, often called Fern or Log Moss, is a fast grower.


Regretfully, it is known in the floral industry (when it is dried and preserved) as sheet moss. It is usually bright green but it may display bright yellow color during a transition phase. When it dries out, Thuidium changes from a lush appearance to dried up looking fern fronds that appear sick or dead. Once hydrated, they change back quickly. It grows on just about every surfaceππ from soils to rocks to concrete walls. Thuidium really thrives in the shade but can tolerate sun exposures once established.


There will be a mix of other common moss that grows in our wooded acreage.


Make sure to check moisture levels when your moss tray arrives. Fluff mosses with your hands. Rehydrate as needed and keep moist, but not soggy, until planted. If possible, stage your mosses outdoors until planting, rather than inside locations. Air conditioning or heat will dry out mosses quickly, and therefore require more attention to keep them fresh.


Since florists and crafters treat most mosses as dead elements, we discourage the purchase of our LIVE mosses for these types of floral or craft projects. We recommend that buyers keep our mosses alive and thriving in sustainable landscapes or containers that feature the beauty of live, green moss colonies.


Zone 3-11

Fresh Sheet Moss. 3 to 5 lb Box

SKU: oy_mo_bx
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Five sheets of 9x12 moss

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