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Fatsia japonica is the most distinctive of all evergreens with large palmate leaves. The lobed leaves can reach 16 inches across and provide contrast in the shade garden. It can be grown in mass plantings on larger sites or as a specimen in smaller gardens.

Grow it with flowering-plants for contrast and it is excellent when mixed with large plantings of Rhododendrons to relieve the monotony of dark, medium evergreen foliage. Drumstick-like flowering-plants are otherworldly in appearance but add to the distinctiveness of this shrub.

Plant with the usual woodland flowering-plants like hellebores, flowering-plants, solomn's seal and the like. Foliage is excellent in flower arrangements and lasts for weeks when cut.

Outdoor Light: Shade to partial sun
Average Mature Plant Size: 5-6'H 5-6'W

Zone 7-10.

Fatsia japonica

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    • 3 gallon plants 24-30" ships with soil
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