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Distylium is a member of the witch hazel family, and are virtually unknown here in North least in the landscape trade. There are now a handful of Distylium hybrids that are being produced within the U.S. that are beginning to make their way into landscapes across the country. They are an outstanding alternative to commonly used species such as cherry laurels, junipers, hollies, Indian hawthorn, and even boxwood.


The Vintage Jade hybrid is extremely hardy - pest & disease resistant, drought tolerant, wet soil tolerant, and thrive in full sun to partial shade. Foliage is evergreen, and has a beautiful dark green coloration year round, with just a slight bluish cast.


Very small reddish maroon flowers appear in late winter, which also gives this plant some nice seasonal interest too. Is the lowest growing of all the Distylium hybrids, and makes a wonderful, thick, yet graceful looking hedge or groundcover planting.


The Vintage Jade variety of Distylium hybrid was first developed by Plant Introductions, Inc, and put into trial plantings back in 2005 - and over the past several seasons have been subjected to some of the highest temperatures on record for their planting zones, extreme drought, and some were even purposefully planted in very wet, moist soils. In all cases, the shrub has thrived and adapted itself while maintaining beautiful appearance with good growth hardiness.


Mature Height: 2 ft 

Mature Width: 5-6 ft

Zone 6b-9.

Distylium 'Vintage Jade' (D. myricoides x D. racemosum)

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  • Ships with Soil. Maybe winter dormant, no foliage (Picture not representative)
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