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JAPANESE MOUNTAIN HYDRANGEAS are hale and hardy. Bud hardy yet very feminine. High maintenance? Not these ladies. In 10 years they have bloomed every year for everyone we have planted. They remain dormant longer and avoid late frosts. Generally they are somewhat smaller than the H. macrophylla.


H. serrata 'Blue Billow' Iridescent Blue. Outstanding. The best so far for outrageous color. Small in stature. Low and wide. 3-4'. Delicate lacecap blooms. Delightful under Oakleaf hydrangea. Acidify for best blue, unless you prefer lavender. Bud hardy. Full Shade to AM Sun. Our best seller.

Like their 'French' cousins they like good drainage, good soil and water and fertilizer. But you don't have to hover over them. Just plant them well to begin with and water once a week. Give them acidity, (sulphur) for better blues and alkalinity, (lime) for more pinks. Don't trim them. Just cut yourself some bouquets. Do yourself a favor...grow some of these. You don't have 15 years to waste.


Zone 6-10.

Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Billow'

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  • 1 Gallon, 8-12 inch plants from top of the soil

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