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Our Planting Instructions

General Planting Instruction

General Planting Instructions

How to dig a hole

How to dig a hole

Pine Bark or Hardwood

Pine Bark & Hardwood Mulch

Planting and Mulching

Planting, Mulching, Maintenance

Moss Instructions, as good as it gets!

Many questions asked about moss, we hope to answer some.

Moos Examples

Moss Ideas and Suggestions

All About Moss

All About Moss

Moss instruction after delivery

Moss Care Instructions after Arrival

Moss Instructions

Moss Care Instructions

Container Planting Instructions

We have become experts in planting and creating containers.
From 2010 till early 2020 we have created 100's of beautiful 'Table Gardens'.
Here are some planting instructions to help you along with this process.

Container Basics.jpg

Container Basic's

Container Care Sun Hardy.jpg

Hardy Sun Loving Containers

Container Care Part Sun.jpg

Hardy Sun or Shade Containers

Container Care House Plants.jpg

House Plant Containers

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